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Sunday, January 28, 2018

RAWRing into 7!

We recognize that there has been a ton between Halloween and present, but yesterday we celebrated with friends and family Laurelea's 7th birthday! With over 50 peeps here it was a bit nuts, but she had a blast! She wanted a dino themed party, so I tried my best-- overall, I think it turned out pretty well!

 food area

 ready for the party to begin
 fierce dino

 dino egg excavation
 Will wasn't to sure about it
 pinata got a bit nuts as it wouldn't break

 Cake- recipe from Mom was dirty desert and I made dino out of a mold with chocolate

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween to Present!!!!

Halloween was a blast this year- I went as Rainbow Bright, the kids as Astronauts and Cory as Mission Control
 campaign party
 fun night with the young dems of Colin County
 Fall Festival at L's school
 Cory was a judge- fitting
 scary mom award goes to me- adorable astronauts goes to Will and L
 pumpkin carving

 Halloween Night

 we went over to Matt and Amber's beforehand then out trick or treating in the hood

 We took the kids roller skating- they loved it!

 L celebrated 50 days of school by dressing up in a 50's costume

Almost Fall and Fall Y'all

This is a crazy mix from Will's 3rd party at our house to Soccer-
 birthday boy

 he loves Ms. Karin
 1st day of school pics

 Nikki's 30th birthday party

 the campaign trail can be loud

 fun times with Dad
 new hair cut for L
 boating fun with the Walshes on lake ray hubbard
 soccer starts- she was a Driller this Fall
 Papa on the left and Bubba on the right
 Cory's 20th high school reunion with Brad and Joy

 from the 10th to the 20th comparison
 NOLA for a quick trip for Cory's work

 Tonya in her new tub at the house that they are renovating
 Texas State Fair

 Pumpkin Festival

 L's fun run at school
 School pic-going to need a retake
 last evening at the pool this season
 fun ladies night out with Joy and Jennipher
 Driller cuteness