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Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Happenings!

L and I went to an Easter egg hunt at Jen's on Friday!

 Then we went to see what Will was up to at his egg hunt at school
 L helped him find the best ones-

 This is his favorite teacher- Miss. Karin
 We played with friends Friday night
 We hit up the lake in our kayaks

 Easter Morning
 Will's Easter Basket
 L's Easter Basket

 We headed to the lake and Cory caught this great bass
 got to fly the new kites from the bunny

 Nana gave L some adorable cup cake package and we made them for Easter dinner
 Easter ready!

 attempting pics with Dad

 Dinner table
 let's hunt

 Dinner was delicious! Thanks to everyone who helped cook

Seattle for Grandma's Service

After suffering from Alzheimer's disease for may years my grandma passed away- she loved to dance, spend time with us but had a real special bond with her great grandkids. This is a picture of us dancing at our wedding..
 We played tourist and Mom, Dad, Talan and I hit up Seattle
 On the Ferris wheel

 carousal riding
 Bruno is just about the cutest thing ever- too bad he has a thing for his family :) I could have taken this guy home
 My cousin Jason had a baby-this is Bruce- we got to meet him, talk about a little cutie
 Snoqualmie falls

 Chilling on Karli and Jason's back deck
 me and Bruno
 It was an unplanned trip, but still great to connect with family and a chance to see Karli and Jason's new house. It's such an incredible spot and I can't wait to bring the rest of the family out to see it this summer!