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Monday, February 6, 2017

Nikki's Wedding Shower

We are beyond thrilled that in just under a month Nikki and Chris are getting married. We hosted a lovely shower for her over the weekend at Barley and Board in Denton. They are going with succulents for their theme so we tried to work with that for decor for the shower. It was so much fun celebrating with family and friends! We can't wait for the big day!

I made the cupcakes, but ordered the fondant toppers for the cupcakes..

 The center pieces turned out well

 Vicki and L
 the girls being silly
 Vicki, Caroline and L
 opening gifts!
 L and Caroline

 Nikki's Aunt and dear family friend
 Nikki's mom and sister
 Nikki, Sharan and Wendi

 Nikki's family

 The Carlyle/Smith Family

 The guys came to help clean up

 Samantha, Belinda and Nikki

 Nikki and her friend Alyson

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

6 Years Old

Today had me going down memory lane to see how much our little one has changed in 6 short years. She has become such a sweet, fun spirited girl.. here are some of my favorites from her parties over the years

Lady bug themed first party!
 Elmo themed party for her second birthday!
Fancy Nancy theme for her 3rd!
superhero ice skating 4th birthday party

 Pumping it up for 5
 Rockstar for 6

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Laurelea's 6th Rockstar Birthday Party

She's 6! I really can't believe that she is 6. She choose her own theme this year, and we had a blast creating the stage, and all the props to make this party happen. We invited her entire kinder class and ended up with over 50 people! I know it made her day that so many friends and family celebrated with her! 

Nikki and Chris with the kids on the stage 

 Our family pic!

 rockstar faces

 Larry and Vicki with the kids

 Larry won the best costume award as ZZ Top!

 Playing pin the microphone on the rockstar!
 the kiddos lining up to play

 pinata outside was a blast!

 the cake!

party people!
 Gretchen and Joy!
 Brynn busting a move on the stage

 opening gifts

 rocking out!