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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In-Sync Animal Rescue

 On Sunday morning we didn't have anything planned so we went to In-Sync Animal Rescue in Wylie TX. It's a big cat animal rescue- when they were not eyeing my kiddos like they were dinner it was a pretty cool thing. There were probably 50 cats there and I loved this white tiger- never seen one in person before!
 L loved the panthers as it's her school mascot

 tiger thinking Will looked mighty good
 trying to get a picture with the cats and the kids :)
 seriously close to these big cats

 still not certain about this idea :)
For the month of May we were selected as family of the month at Will's school. Here is the blurb that Cory wrote and the compilation of pictures that we choose to display!

Out and about- an update on life happenings...

L and I took this picture at starbucks a few Saturdays ago to prove that it does get cold in TX and we had to bundle up, and get some warm coffee to warm up
 Bubba fell down our back concrete steps and also managed to have some wicked good hair looks this last week :)
 While L does dance Cory usually plays racquet ball- the kids love coming over for some lessons after dance is over

 look like your sticker day :)
 another shot of Bubba's face
 Cory and I took L to the driving range-

 Bubba got to pack and bring a lunch for school. He was pretty excited about it
 L took this one of Bubba in the car
 we all managed to wear Rangers gear last Friday- Cory and I headed out for a game, but L and Will sported some too!
 We hit up an open house at Primrose- Will's day care- another mom did the face painting- she was pretty good!
 Will wanted a rooster :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Happenings!

L and I went to an Easter egg hunt at Jen's on Friday!

 Then we went to see what Will was up to at his egg hunt at school
 L helped him find the best ones-

 This is his favorite teacher- Miss. Karin
 We played with friends Friday night
 We hit up the lake in our kayaks

 Easter Morning
 Will's Easter Basket
 L's Easter Basket

 We headed to the lake and Cory caught this great bass
 got to fly the new kites from the bunny

 Nana gave L some adorable cup cake package and we made them for Easter dinner
 Easter ready!

 attempting pics with Dad

 Dinner table
 let's hunt

 Dinner was delicious! Thanks to everyone who helped cook